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Industry meets Makers 2021

Industry meets Makers (IMM) is an innovation fostering program in Austria, which brings together established companies, start-ups and maker community. It runs in yearly cycles.

The companies propose "challenges" and provide various types of support to the IMM community working to solve those "challenges". Usually the challenges are relevant, unsolved yet problems from the field of activity of respective companies. 

MHT instruments participates in 2021, starting with the bootcamp (June 21 - 24). The bootcamp gives the possibility of an intense 4 days sprint, which could suffice timewise to solve the proposed challenges or at least to master the technologies involved. The work on the challenge is not limited to the bootcamp timeframe; it can be continued until the end of the program for 2021 (beginnig October).

As a novelty this year, Infineon Technologies and MHT instruments join forces for the bootcamp challenge. Infineon brings in extra hardware and the associated expert technical support.



The challenge is structured in 3 tracks: Talk to Raspberry, Talk to Android and Freestyle.


Talk to Raspberry

Create a service/driver for Raspberry to allow receiving data from tinyTag. The data is sent following tinyTag protocol.

chllg tinyTag RPI 

Talk to Android

Create a service/library for Android to allow receving data from tinyTag. Mobile devices and tablets are targeted. Data is sent following tinyTag protocol.

 chllg tinyTag Android


Use tinyTag as a base platform, extend it with Infineon hardware, and/or your own hardware, and break the limits - create something awesome.

Gadget ideas to spark the imagination wild:

  • distance tracker - see Infineon's Disrupt COVID challenge
  • intruder alarm system (hint: observe pressure)
  • temperature, pressure,...  monitoring for weather prediction
  • portable altimeter (atmospheric pressure measurement)
  • procrastinometer (track time and improve own efficiency)
  • use Infineon microphone with tinyTag for voice processing (requires programming in C, black belt level;)

 chllg freestyle



MHT instruments provides up to 20 tinyTag development boards for the challenge, free of charge for the qualifying requestors.

Infineon Technologies provides the hardware listed below:

The candidates will need to register via IMM page or by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The registration should include a brief introduction, a short idea description and the required hardware.

The hardware will be sent via DPD. For the time being, sending hardware is possible to following countries: Austria, Germany, ... The list is continuously updated. If your country is not yet listed, feel free to send an inquiry email.

Why participate?

Similar to tournaments in the Middle Ages, solving a challenge within IMM gives recognition and visibility within a large (international) community.

At the same time, working on a challenge means free access to explore newest technologies, to build up knowhow and add weight to own resume.

Networking is yet another (collateral) benefit. Whether asking for support, or teaming up with others in solving a challenge, in the end is expanding own network.

Complete, functional projects will be highlighted on this webpage as educational examples, together with author's contact information (of course, if the author agrees to).


Is it really free?

What is developed during bootcamp, or until October, when IMM2021 ends, is mostly exploration of new technology and/or new components. Ideally all this work is done under open source umbrella (MIT, Apache 2.0 license), so that those who did not have the chance to join the program, can still learn.

That is the only requirement in exchange for free hardware, access to advanced technology and free expert support.

The author keeps the copyright.